DIY Easter Egg Hunt Boxes – free printable

We are so excited to be able to have some friends over to visit in our garden after 29th March and as it will be just in time for Easter I thought we could do some little easter egg hunts for the kiddiwinks. I designed these small DIY Easter Egg Hunt Boxes especially for them and thought you might like them too. They’re super easy to make.

See below my step by step guide on how to create them…

What you will need per box:

  • 2 x A4 card
  • Scalpel & Ruler or Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or glue gun
  • Easter Chocolates/Candy for filling

Step 1. Print out the below, free template onto the two pieces of card.

Step 2. Then print out 2 copies of any of the below designs onto the reverse of those pieces of card. You will need to make sure you figure out the correct way to load the card into the printer so that the design ends up in the right position with the template on the other side. This will depend on the style of your printer so you may want to try printing on paper first so as not to waste any card.


Step 3. Cut out each of the templates and lightly score along the inside fold lines. (I’m sorry I haven’t taken photos of this process but I made these during the evening after the children were in bed and the lighting was no good and there wasn’t much space at the kitchen table to spread out but I hope the diagram below helps).

Step 4. Fold each of the sides following the lines you have scored, and using double-sided tape or a glue gun to stick the two sides together using the small side tabs as shown below (you could use a strong glue if you prefer)

Step 5. Fill with treats, sweets and candy of your choice and there you have it!

Happy Easter!!

L x

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