DIY Easter Candy Carrot Boxes – free printable

With Easter just around the corner and an almost 2 and a half year old who is now able to appreciate the excitement of it all, I have started getting some ideas together to make that weekend extra fun this year. I’ve always loved making homemade gifts for friends and family for Easter, and this is one of my favourite creations to date so I thought I’d revisit it with the little ones in mind and share it with you incase you’re looking for a bit of inspiration too. It is incredibly simple, cost effective and a lot of fun.
What you will need:
  • 1 x A4 card per carrot (Any colour or design you like)
  • A4 Printer
  • Scissors / scalpel
  • Strong glue (I use a glue gun but double sided tape also works)
  • Ribbon, string, raffia etc (for tying)
  • Mini eggs / Easter sweets for filling

Step 1. Select the type of card you would like to use, it can be coloured or patterned, anything you like but it does need to be thicker than paper and able to go through the printer. You also want to make sure the printable outline will be visible for you to follow so I would advise against anything too dark. 

Step 2. Next, print out the below free template onto your chosen card.


Click here to download

Step 3. Using either scissors or a scalpel, cut out the template and score along the inside lines. Punch holes in the centre scallops (this is where your ribbon will go) and using the tab on the right hand side, glue the sides together.

Step 5. Finally, fill with your chosen easter chocolate/sweets and push the ribbon through, tie in a bow to close, and there you have it. (You may want to use a cellophane bag to hold whatever food you choose on the inside just to keep it fresh and clean)


These would also be great fun for an egg hunt or even just as pretty decorations. I may even make miniature versions next year to go on the Easter tree? Have lots of fun making them. Please Feel free to leave feedback in the comments below.

Happy Easter!

L x


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